The SS Morning Star was a Mississippi steamboat. It had a minor but crucial role in the game. 

Steamboat MassacreEdit

Colton and Ned White boarded on a seemingly normal river passage down the Mississippi. Sadie was also on the ship, carrying a safe that contained a piece of the Cross of Coronado that Magruder so desperately wanted. Colton was initially unaware of this. Josiah Reed was also on the boat, having heard that Sadie was transporting it, and under Thomas Magruder's orders to steal it at any means possible.

After Sadie refused to give Reed the cross piece, he murdered her with an axe, as Colton looked on in shock. Reed signalled, and from the shore, a hidden army of renegade soldiers opened fire, killing many people onboard the steamboat. Colton and Ned survived and continued to fight as they were boarded. Colton freed the Morning Star's engine after it was jammed, and took to the ship's keelboat to fend off an attack by cannon boats. The ship then steamed by the renegade fort that had launched the ambush, and the boat came under heavy fire.

After the ship's pilot, or wheel-handler, was hit and killed by a cannonball from the renegade fort, the Morning Star steered out of control and grounded on a sand bank. The renegades forced the remainder of the resistors, including Ned and Colton, to the stern of the cabin deck. Further gunfights followed, and the ship's boilers soon exploded, killing many on board, save for Colton, whom Ned had thrown into the river just a few moments earlier.

Those that survived the explosion, and the bodies of those killed, were all scalped by renegades. The wreck was then lost, as Mayor Hoodoo later explained, under 30ft of river water.

Return to the SteamboatEdit

Later on in the events of Gun, Colton and Soapy returned to the Steamboat wreck after storming the renegade fort that attacked the ship earlier on with Native Indians. After a brutal firefight that left Hollister and Reed dead, Colton, with Soapy's safe-picking help, retrieved the part of the Cross of Coronado which Magruder was after.