Hoodoo Brown was the mayor of Empire city during his tenure he was highly respected by his constituents although behind the scenes he was involved with Thomas Magruder's continued strong arm expansion of the Montana Territory, along with the murder of Jenny. After a successful rebellion Hoodoo's corrupt sheriff department is eliminated and he is killed by Colton White

Biography Edit

Hoodoo Brown was illegally appointed as the mayor of Empire by Thomas Magruder in his increasing effort to gain control over the Montana Territory. When Brown took office Empire was a mess however, over time he was able to rebuild Empire and transform it into a major city along with establishing a Sherrif Department bringing in the rule of law.

Over time a group of citizens becomes aware of his involvement with Magruder and the actions of his deputies making him enemies with a rebellion force run by Port and Clay. He takes this seriously and actively attempts to stomping out this new rebellion.