After Colton wakes up, he sees a man standing above him. He introduces himself as Honest Tom. Tom will teach you how to use your horse. Then, you must race Tom around the meadow for 3 laps, target practice with buffalo, bottles, and wolves.

As Colton wins the wager for Tom’s horse, “Honest” Tom calls 2 henchmen to help him defeat Colton. You must kill the 2 men and Tom before the level is complete.


(This Version Is For PC Fallow the controls given on your other devices)Next training awaits you now, but this time you'll learn the horse riding. Beginnings are easy - just carry out Tom's orders. First, gallop for a while (LShift), then jump (Space). Ride into the circle located near Tom (your starting position) to take part in the race. When the countdown will reach zero, sprint as fast as you can, taking the only available path (press and hold LShift). From time to time, dug the spurs in the horse's flanks (you should gallop faster) and jump over the obstacles [1]. If you'll be the first on the finish line after three laps, the race should end. If not, you must try again. Your next task is to hunt five bisons, so approach them one by one and use the knife (PPM). After that, pull the rifle out and shoot down the bottles located on the rock [2].The last part of the training is to fight off the wolves' attack. Use the slow motion and shoot down every animal, which is running in yours direction [1]. Now, you must fight with Tom, who turns out to be not so honest at all. First, eliminate his two comrades, and then kill your recent ally [2]. It's not a hard task, especially when you'll use the rifle.
Let's Play Gun Part 2 - Honest Tom

Let's Play Gun Part 2 - Honest Tom